Fungal Nails

Thick, discoloured, unsightly nails are embarrassing and can keep you from enjoying activities many of us take for granted.  If this sounds familiar you may have an infection known as onychomycosis also known as fungus of the nail.

Fungal nails can result from;

•           Nail trauma

•           Illness

•           Toe or nail injury

•           Unhygienic pedicures

•           Use of public walking surfaces (swimming pool decks, locker room showers, hotel carpets)


In the most common form of nail fungus the infection enters under the tip of the nail and can migrate towards the base of the nail (cuticle).  In this form of fungus there can be a build up of keratin under the nail, resulting in discolouration and thickness. One should seek treatment from a Chiropodist/Foot Specialist at the first signs of nail fungus. Often the offending nail(s) can be filed and cut to an appropriate thickness and if necessary a medication can be prescribed to treat the fungal infection.