Dry, Callused or Cracked Skin?

In the summer, our heels can become very dry and problematic.  Deep cracks, or fissures can form that can make standing and walking a painful experience.  The use of cream can help.   Selecting creams that contain urea help the skin maintain moisture content and keep the skin supple.

It is important to maintain the skin’s optimal condition, as it is the body’s natural defence to bacteria and other types of infections.  Regular application of cream and the use of a pumice stone or file during or immediately after showering will help the skin remain in good health. It is also important to dry the feet well after showering and to change wet socks as quickly as possible.

A Chiropodist can debride/reduce thick callused skin and remove unwanted corns.  In some cases a prescription for a topical cortisone cream may be indicated to heal heavily fissured areas.