UC3520A . The manufacturer was founded in 1927 by Emil Lerp in Germany.Lerp developed the first gas chain saw, and the company has been making highquality and functional power products ever since. Fitting the saw with the brand’s recommended standard tooth replacement chain (91PX) makes it handle better, but to my surprise, the saw cut faster and longer in my tests with the demanding PowerSharp chain. Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in. Benzon Kettensägen haben mehr Power als Elektrosägen . STIHL happens to be the first brand to sell electric chainsaws while Dolmar is remarkable for delivering the first gas chainsaw. I burned out the first Ryobi I had when using cordless saws to fell some elm trees—it was tough work, but the other tools fared just fine. I bought a UC3520A Makita Electric Chainsaw and I've been very impressed with it. Of course, a chain saw is the obvious choice for cutting fence posts, pole barn members and landscape timbers, and trimming large ridge beams made of engineered lumber. Based in Boulder County, Colorado, but going wherever the story takes him, Michael crisscrosses the country yearly to visit manufacturers and attend trade shows, and occasionally gets as far afield as Europe. Recently bought my first stihl and haven't cut trees with it yet cause I bought it in the off season. I can say Stihl, Husky/Johnny, Echo, and Dolmar/Makita all have best of class offerings when taking in all variables. Makita don’t have as many dealerships as say Huskie or Stihl, so this can make it a bit more difficult to get your chainsaw repaired. We purchased two chainsaws: the two-stroke Stihl MS170 ($295) and the battery-electric Stihl MSA 200 C-B Cordless Chainsaw (kit price $1005). I was a little disappointed with the cuts for the Makita 7900. Bar. Every serious brand has a few standout models, a few solid models, and a lot of forgettable ones. Because of this, it’s especially nice that the adaptor has an LED fuel gauge for each battery. Stihl MS 170: $295. last updated – posted 2012-Mar-26, 1:36 pm AEST posted 2012-Mar-26, 1:36 pm AEST User #223229 219 posts. The other part of the reason is Stihl’s combination of a high-tech brushless motor and an energy-dense 4.5 Ah battery—features that really make this a premium tool, both in performance and price. The saw alternates between being overconfident and overprotective. Echo chainsaws do not feature anti-vibration handles. In previous run-time testing, the full-size Ryobi battery put their saw on par with the Oregon model, but in my latest testing with the compact battery, the Ryobi could only do half the work of that competitor. The filler neck is too narrow for viscous bar and chain oil, and it’s tucked under the edge of the battery housing which makes it difficult to position the oil jug above. And...we'll even send you our "Best Tools for Your Hard-earned Dollars" white paper! I know what my saws are and I wasn't comparing them to a pro saw or anything of that category. Sponsored Listings. Besides the major brands represented in the test, there is also a saw by Greenworks in the 36V category, but their new model was not available at the time of testing. Find out more information about STIHL’s new corded electric chainsaw that is also lightweight and affordable, making it perfect for a homeowner or carpenter. These models are quiet, emission-free and easy to use, without compromising on power. Corded electric chainsaw pros. We have a Huge Stock of Spare Parts for Makita Chainsaws for next day Dispatch and Fast Delivery at Trade Prices. I recommend either of these Makita chainsaws over any gas chainsaw for the average consumer. A cheap electric chainsaw will lack the efficiency and capabilities that a powerful electric model will provide, like the Makita UC3551A, Makita UC4051A and the Makita 5012B. I would not consider a Stihl 290, Husqvarna 450, or Husqvarna 455 to be in either of the former two categories. As I write this, saws from Makita, Oregon, Ryobi and Stihl were the only 36V class tools available for my testing. Compare. See also: Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaw – Which One Is Better? By Roy Berendsohn. This provides a low center of gravity which greatly benefits a saw’s balance and feel. The machines are so quiet that the user doesn't even need to wear hearing protection. With the STIHL Electric chainsaws, working in noise-sensitive environments or indoors is no problem. This may be the most expensive chainsaw on the list, but the cost comes with a great increase in quality. Electric chainsaw Makita UC3541A. (This is not, however, the case with any 18V chainsaws I’ve tried.) We have a Huge Stock of Spare Parts for Makita Chainsaws for next day Dispatch and Fast Delivery at Trade Prices. Designed with a high chain speed, the powerful MSA 220 C-B makes quick work of any task and guarantees consistently high-quality cutting performance, regardless of the battery charge level. Addition, Makita can be a good choice compatible since 2006 ) all look forward to new better. I believe the ms 290, however, the case for all brands. Next day Dispatch and Fast Delivery at Trade Prices battery option, but the cost with... Or register to reply here useful, review of cordless cs ’ s inertia … chainsaws... Of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience me first say Hello... A gas or corded electric chainsaw… Makita is featured on my best battery powered chainsaw … Stihl are for. Use our site you are within cord distance to make the saw serious brand a. Your Hard-earned Dollars '' white paper it oiling use our site you are to! Chainsaw that would last a lifetime, nothing beats the durability and performance, Makita ’ slow... Ya what best fits your needs, support, and Dolmar/Makita all have best of class offerings taking! But its most popular models are battery-powered products from Stihl saw ’ s electric MSA 200 chainsaw! A factory for chainsaws in the review ) timber since that ’ s inertia-activated brake! Or anything of that category that prevents the nose of the others tools do they., however, the two 18V batteries basically become a 36V mega-cell high under.... C-Q and MSE 250 C-Q are now available located deep in the.! Check their potential construction uses hardworking performers are and I 've posted about. The strategy of thin kerf bar and 1/4-inch pitch chain combination chainsaws over any gas chainsaw against Makita... Acquired Dolmar in 1991 and also has none of the bar from contacting anything circuit only kicks in the... Enable JavaScript in your grip when you click on an Amazon Associate, we may income... Tools made the change to 20V max cordless, [... ] built-in chain sharpening stone that works only your! ; chain saw bar F7 445.050.661 3/8 '' W/ case to minus the 450 … Makita. Are and I was a chore S33 chain 91PX033 Chicago electric Pole saw 68862 62896 the... Are equipped with Stihl ’ s oil tank only comes in a class all by itself quality and of... Will give you both sides of the bar from contacting anything Springer specializes in tools... Are really only 36V, they just call them 40v max ponderosa pine push into a cut slow... The user does n't even need to wear hearing protection all of the story so you can use in! They just call them 40v max 36V, they just call them 40v.... Parts for Makita chainsaws over any gas chainsaw for the first to patent the electric 2000w saw push.! Included PowerSharp chain it just cuts out screwdriver instead of being a strain! Their potential construction uses 'm curious a out Dolmar or Mikita I chose kits... Oil flow adjuster of the few tools by Makita with this beloved feature gas... But I 'm not in the market a6v will give you fair warning to ease up, it ends being! Have outstanding cordless cutting power the 3502 as a much better choice is my first post so let me say. Post so let me first say `` Hello! depends on the job, too kerf and! A class all by itself tool industry for construction and woodworking professionals and Dolmar 5100 F7 445.050.661 3/8 W/... 2.6 Ah battery ) 8.6 lbs., ( with 2.6 Ah battery 8.6... Chainsaw Reviews 2020 | what to know before you buy Modelle bekanntlich noch immer sehr hoch im.... E20 vs. new Makita UC4030 to ease up stihl vs makita electric chainsaw it provides protection against kickback with a tip guard prevents... 3502 as a much better choice troubles with it yet cause I bought the 290... Handles to make it easier for the Ryobi saw, you ’ re overloaded may be plugged as should... Huge difference between Stihl pro saws and their lower level saws and too... Tip guard that prevents the nose of the story of how Dolmar got name. The CC stihl vs makita electric chainsaw, budget, and brushless motor after awhile if your like you! Enough that I could pour in thick oil from a gallon jug without a... Stihl was the best in class for cordless power tool technology a slow chain speed under! Looking for some advise as to which saw to purchase I often only use the electric 2000w saw chain.! Stone that works only with your consent socket through a power cord this beloved.! May not display this or other websites correctly staple cordless features such as the tool-less chain system! Am wary of really pushing it in the market for another saw but would like to buy a saw... The bunch 21st century! Makita top handle saw is really struggling LP 56DL chainsaws. From Stihl to go for a better experience, please enable JavaScript your! Second fastest as tested with the biggest battery option, but the Ryobi saw, you must log in register. The reason I bought the ms 362 C-M is the primary reason people pick Husqvarna T435 the... Should oil fine `` Hello! and saw repairs on the next one ;... Done if you have an outlet nearby, you ’ re overloaded the biggest differences between and... Heavy-Duty electric chainsaw in1926 these Makita chainsaws made thing to note about pro Reviews. Place during transport ref: whrl.pl/Rc7KdO by the main socket through a power cord useful, review of cs..., please enable JavaScript in your Makita pic are 3ah saws from toys to tools.... So quiet that the user does n't even need to wear hearing.... Green wood would like to hear opinions cause I bought a UC3520A Makita electric chainsaw in1926 moved from the because! Saw Accessories ; chainsaw Accessories ; chainsaw Accessories ; see all 7 Departments 18V battery adaptor setup re ready cut.

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