Without that, you won’t really be able to test your understanding of the material. Learn More, Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar: A Practical Guide, Mandarin Weekly (每周中文) #117, 2017-April-10 – Mandarin Weekly (每周中文), http://alllanguageresources.com/best-chinese-grammar-book-beginner-intermediate-students/. There’s an answer key in the back as well. It’s also a good purchase if you write online a lot. If you can post on Facebook, you can use Premium or the free version to check your social media posts. I think these complaints are a bit unjustified. The built-in checkers in Microsoft Word, Scrivener and Pages didn’t provide me with this insight, and over the past few years this has helped me improve my writing skills. It takes me only a few minutes to check my articles, and there are no technical headaches. It identifies possible solutions and explanations for your mistake. …learning Mandarin Chinese is definitely worth the effort! Daisy Zhang. This is particularly useful if you’re a non-native English writer or if you want to improve your knowledge of English language  rules. It will provide insights into the reasons behind a mistake and suggest fixes. Here you can see what happened in the pop-up box when I pasted this post. I will explain my workflow for the purposes of this review, but don’t worry too much about what I do. There are 40 A1, 94 A2, 145 B1 and 129 B2 grammar points. It also finds and fixes more mistakes than the free version. Please remember, it’s an aid for learning English rather than a teacher of English. It's called An A to Z Grammar for Chinese Learners. As an author and a freelance writer, I use it regularly for proofreading my work – and it works like a charm. A number of non-english writers emailed me asking this question…. Basic English Grammar. I am looking for a good Chinese Grammar,which one is better for learning Chinese Grammar? After the explanations there are quite a few examples. You’ll find yourself moving onto the next thing a bit too quickly and before you’ve really had the chance to figure it out. Also, the use of 把,被, and the differences in the three de’s (的,地,得) aren’t included in this book. However, you should still exercise judgment before deciding what to fix and what to leave. When you click on an error in your text, the grammar tool presents an explanation of the problem. Grammar’s importance may seem to be dwindling in some areas of life, but if you want to nail that essay, pass that test or simply keep good grammar alive for its own sake, then a decent English grammar book … It provides you with helpful suggestions on your writing quickly, making your writing clear and precise. Today, I still use the premium version to check early drafts of blog posts and articles and also to check book chapters for mistakes. They’re quite similar but their differences will make one better for some students and the other better for other students. The explanations are very clear and easy to understand. If you try Premium and don’t like it, you can visit their website, contact  support and get your money back without issue, within a ten-day period. As bilingual books… Premium also provides more detailed suggestions than the free version (or Word) about why you made a writing mistake such as errors in sentence structure. The premium version is also useful for students who may have a batch of work they want to check. But, it’s still pretty easy to find yourself going down the rabbit hole and before you know it you’ve looked at 20 different pages. Both Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar and Schaum’s Outline of Chinese Grammar are written by Claudia Ross with SOCG being significantly cheaper. * Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar: A Practical Guide (My top choice. Premium annual subscription costs $11.66 per month, billed as one payment of $139.95. Detects plagiarism, by comparing your writing to billions of web pages across the web. We earn money when you click on some of the links on our site. For business costs $15 per member per month and could be a viable option if you’re a team in need for a spell tool. You might be wondering, can it replace a human proofreader? Intent e.g., inform, tell a story or describe, Domain e.g., academic, business or technicalThe, A basic tool for active/passive voice, wordiness and punctuation, A vocabulary tool along with a readability score, Write a draft in Scrivener, IA Writer, or in Google docs via Chrome, Send the draft to an editor if it’s a longer piece of text, A  Chrome web app that works much like Google Docs, A Chrome plugin (this is the easiest option for new users). Most successful Chinese language websites with popular blogs will have great grammar advice as well as … This is a go-to book for beginners to get you on the right path to learning Chinese grammar. Mandarin grammar isn’t fun but this is the best grammar book I’ve seen. That said, be careful to check that you’re not violating any rules and regulations set by your university or school. 5 Best Chinese Textbooks. There are a lot of Chinese books out there so before you get lost in them, here are 5 of our favorite Chinese textbooks. Basic Chinese: A Grammar and Workbook is the third book we’re looking at and is also a good option. I used this for a few months before upgrading. You still need to take the time to learn the fundamentals. Introducing my favorite Chinese grammar reference book! In other words, the free version is ideal for writers and bloggers with a minimal budget for writing tools. A few years ago, I discovered this spelling checker app for proofreading articles, book … (By: Betty Schrampfer Azar, Stacy A. Hagen ) this book puts emphasis on … Best Chinese Grammar Book for Beginner and Intermediate Students Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar (MMCG). This plugin isn’t available for MS Word in Macbooks. I also use the Chrome extension to check shorter pieces of writing, like emails and potentially embarrassing social media posts. One weird and semi-annoying thing is that they’ve chosen to bold the pinyin. With this, you can enable checking on most apps on your phone automatically – which makes creating mistake-free text and documents a breeze. I also cover if this is the most accurate software available? It starts at the beginning with pinyin and covers lots of topics that beginner and intermediate students would need to learn. The material will probably be too simple for those who have moved past the intermediate level. It may be a bit tough for an absolute beginner but as you get a few months of studying underway, it’s a great resource. This means a lot of the content is lacking explanations and examples. The base model of  is free and helpful, so use that. Reading and Writing Chinese: Third Edition, HSK All Levels (2,349 Chinese Characters and 5,000+ Co… In SOCG, the sections run right into each other. It works well in conjunction with other resources or simply as a quick reference to questions you have. The free version contains most of the features of  Premium apart from an advanced checker, a plagiarism detector and some vocabulary enhancement suggestions. It’s good a choice and works best for some and not for others. Also, some of the phrases are worded a bit strange. It just feels a bit weird reading the translation for ‘us’ or ‘hello’ after having already gone through examples like ‘Three kids attend school’, along with more complicated ones. BCGW is only available in Simplified Characters. Many chapters may only have five pages or so of text but around 50 practice problems for you to work through. The company offers you a specialized  keyboard for mobile devices so you can apply the tool to your writing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GMail, and other web pages and platforms you type on. There are relatively few examples for each section. Readers of this post also left a number of comments and suggestions below looking for more information. How Accurate Is It And How Can It Help Writers? It more closely resembles a grammar-heavy general textbook. And is it worth paying for? MMCG uses Simplified and Traditional characters, pinyin and English translations and explanations. A few years ago, I discovered this spelling checker app for proofreading articles, book chapters and blog posts. Copy and paste your entire article, book or extracts of your writing for proofreading, checking and for a spell check. Those on a budget will get good value from the free version. This is useful for both native english speakers and those who don’t write in the english language that often, Including: For new writers and professional writers, this acts as another line of defence, even if they are native english speakers. Currently, there are four levels: A1, A2, B1, and B2 – from beginner to upper intermediate. For example, if you’re forgetting how to use the passive voice – this is where you would find explanations. It detects grammar and punctuation mistakes – basic to advanced. It contains all the functionality you need to get started. Windows users can also install the plugin on MS Word, which will help you detect errors as you write. Here are the pricing options as of this year: You could always try the free version in case you want to test it out first (Like I did!). How Effective Is It For Proofreading English? It will also help you self-edit your work by providing real-time insights about your readability score, sentence-length and so on. … Premium monthly subscription costs $29.95 per month. This is quite minor though. Chinese Grammar Levels Level A1 With A1 level Chinese, you're able to: Understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. These are sometimes a matter of writing style. In this review, I focused on the premium version as I’ve had a subscription for several years. Click here to see Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar on Amazon. Hello friends! There isn’t much space to just breath. Fundamentals of Chinese Characters. You’ll get an explanation, see a few examples, and then move onto the next thing. Admin and user management controls for privacy and security of your team’s work, Monitoring tools for checking engagement trends, Common writing and mistakes like misplaced apostrophes, Any other rules that I may have overlooked. It is after all called Schaum’s Outline of Chinese Grammar. This is one of the best books for learning vocabulary words. 1 … Overlooked several mistakes, particularly in my creative writing and fiction. If you don’t go back and review or find other resources – there’s a good chance the material won’t stick with you. You can take out a premium monthly, quarterly or annual subscription and claim discounts for each type of subscription. You can actually use it as your primary writing app, by writing directly in the tool. The content is laid out very clearly and is easy to find what you’re looking for. Here are the most common ones: Option 1 I’m not sure if this is true or not. It also provides additional writing insights and an ability to set writing goals. Option 4 Bloggers and content marketers find this very useful. Grammar exercises over 100 for students and teachers: 930 KB: Jun 17, 2015: 193527 Unsubscribe at any time. MMCG is an outstanding resource for beginner and intermediate level students to get a better understanding of Chinese grammar. None are without their faults but they all are quite good still. So, I really value its ability to proofread and check a document for both types of English, and I use this feature often. It has a lot of breadth but is a bit too short on examples. These books are 100% certified to contain only Chinese characters from the target HSK Vocabulary list. It’s definitely the best app for Chinese grammar that I’ve seen. Grammarly is safe to use. The biggest drawback to the Chinese Grammar Wiki is that there is no workbook. I’m not sure why these textbooks keep deciding to bold the pinyin. All Language Resources is an independent review site. A few seconds after you incorporate your text, this proofreading tool underlines mistakes similar to what you see in Microsoft Word. I myself avoided a grammar book for quite a while. The order of the book is a bit strange at times. That said online proofreading tools are great but…. Also, it seems like the 2nd edition is formatted well with Kindle. Read stories which only contain HSK words and no others. This series includes a book for Beginner Spanish, Complete Spanish Grammar, Spanish Verb Tenses, Spanish Conversation, Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions, and Complete Spanish All-in-One. I live an hour outside Dublin and British English is one my native languages (alongside Irish). In addition to the features provided on the premium model, the business edition of the software includes features like –. It is a useful and affordable writing tool that belongs in your toolbox. It also provides more context behind your potential mistakes and is a useful tool for learning the english language and line-editing. It’s an awesome free resource. It’s also a robust spell check tool that keeps your writing mistake-free. I value a set of digital eyes on my writing, but I still work with human proof-readers, particularly for book chapters or a longer document. We earn money when you click on some of the Links on our site. This site aims to be the most comprehensive and least biased place to figure out which language learning resources are worth using. In third place, is the Chinese Language series by Beijing Language and Culture University. If you’re unsure or on a tight budget, try the free version. Another disappointing aspect is the lack of examples and practice exercises. The best books, though, have both. Looking for Best Chinese Grammar Book… This review explores how the app it can help avoid embarrassing typos and grammatical errors. We Vs Us Grammar Rules 2020 | FTT Grammar, Free Premium Grammarly Account 2019 2020 | Fremont Third, Best Grammar Schools In Bucks 2020 | Fremont Third, Best Spanish Grammar Work Books 2020 | FFT Blog, Blowout Vs Blow-out Grammar 2020 | FTT Grammar, Academics interested in plagiarism detection. I have been teaching Chinese for years now, and in my experience, there are three books that stand far above the rest. I also write in American English, depending on the website or blog audience. Sign-up to get a huge list of free resources tailored to the language you’re studying. It’s not specifically a Korean language textbook. This makes it really tough to use on that platform as a lot of the characters are hard to make out clearly. The Best Chinese Grammar Book. Perhaps that was an old version because for me I didn’t have any problem with this. I also cover if this is the most accurate software available? Recently,  introduced a business version of their software. Chinese grammar articles covering Mandarin Chinese from beginner to advanced level. It also provides real-time suggestions and guidelines on how to correct these mistakes, for example errant commas. While Chinese Grammar Wiki is awesome, it’s not as complete as some of the other resources. It’s easy to navigate, concise and has clear explanations. Writing Style There isn’t even any white space to separate the sections. I’ve sprouted a few grey hairs reading scanning early drafts looking for instances of “realise” and “realize” or “centre” and “center”…. (Don’t worry, they also offer free web browser extensions for other platforms like Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.). They don’t go into excessive details of things that aren’t important to learn at an early stage. You can adjust feedback according to your genre-specific writing style – informal, formal and so on. There were a few times where I thought there may have been a mistake and I asked my Chinese girlfriend if it was correct and she said it was right. Both the free and premium versions are accurate, fast and easy to use. Still, you will need some understanding of English to use or write. However, even with that book I still find myself occasionally consulting the Grammar Wiki. Also, while I’d prefer to learn vocabulary from other places, I find that the vocabulary that is included is helpful in understanding their examples. This review explores how the app it can help avoid embarrassing typos and grammatical errors. It costs approximately $29.99 per month, but you can save money with a monthly subscription or discount.

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