The best time is from December to March when the migrants from Europe and north Africa are present and the park is open. CWCT leases wildlands from the local Maasai community at an economically competitive rate creating a direct relationship between the community and the conservancy, whereby the beneficiaries of thriving wildlife and consequently tourism are the very people who share their lands with the wildlife. If people and wildlife learn to live together — inside and outside of protected areas — the future for all will thrive. ). Lewa Wildlife Conservancy – At The Centre of African Rhino Conservation By Fiona Sanderson Once upon a time, Lewa was a humble cattle ranch. Outside the continent, we have launched successful public awareness campaigns in China and Vietnam informing consumers about the brutal truths behind the global wildlife trade. The African Wild Dog Conservancy's community conservation project is in the biodiversity hotspots of northeastern and coastal Kenya, a rich mosaic of protected areas and community lands under extreme threat. Lease Land. 1997) is a registered Private Further Education and Training (FET) College and Private Higher Education and Training (HET) institution that specialises in conservation education, training, and skills development. We understand specific community needs and work closely with members to make sure they get direct benefits from conserving wildlife and protecting natural habitat. The Lugenda River remains one of Africa’s pristine and un-spoilt waterways. African Habitat Conservancy (AHC) is a conservation management company focusing on game reserve conservation as well as the rehabilitation of both flora and fauna endemic to the areas in which the company operates, in addition to upliftment of local communities. African Wildlife Foundation is a Wildlife Conservation charity located in Washington, DC. Since 2016, Bushlife Conservancy, working through the African nonprofit, Bushlife Support Unit Trust, has established an investigation team that recovered over 100 tusks and achieved over 170 arrests for wildlife infractions, including poaching and trafficking. With additional training in the enforcement of wildlife laws, national agencies ensure these criminals are prosecuted without slipping through legal loopholes. CONTACT US Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy 361A Old Finch Ave Toronto, Ontario M1B 5K7 416-392-9114 The Southern African Wildlife College (est. Incisive geographical information systems and mapping inform our conservation strategies so even remote landscapes are protected. Located at major seaports and airports in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Mozambique, the robust sniffer dog and handler teams stop illegal wildlife products such as ivory, rhino horn, pangolin scales — as well as the smugglers and poachers behind the killing. We are driven by the desire to support and enable worthwhile wildlife conservation work and … Enabling wildlife conservation-friendly community empowerment. Help save African endangered wildlife. Learn more about our projects, make a donation or gain hands on experience with conservation. For tax purposes, our EIN is 52-0781390. "Together, African Wildlife Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and Kenya Wildlife Service are conserving an ecosystem that is vital to this region, while also enhancing the economic livelihood of Kenyans living around the park. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy works as a catalyst and model for the conservation of wildlife and its habitat. The African Wildlife Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity. The decline in tourism revenue due to COVID-19 is leaving African wildlife vulnerable to poaching and highlighting the need for diverse income sources. To protect populations from further decline, our on-the-ground safeguards involve training rangers and using sniffer dogs to stop wildlife traffickers. We match our decades worth of experience on the ground with pioneering scientific research to add a new dimension to our work across the continent. An introduction to Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) by Peter Blinston, PDC Executive Director. Today, it is a successful wildlife conservancy at the centre of African rhino conservation with a worldwide reputation as a model for wildlife conservation. Each African Habitat Conservancy project is carefully selected with the intention of restoring ecosystems, whilst empowering and uplifting communities through job creation and skills development in the hospitality and conservation industries. Find out more. Kenya Wildlife Conservancy conservancy gives orphaned, injured, neglected, abused or frightened wild animals a second chance. Critical to protecting these vital ecosystems are people. ... SI 56 and 57 of 2012 of the Parks and Wildlife Act . Bubbling springs rise in the hills, providing precious water to the Samburu people and the wildlife species that inhabit this ancient land. Saving the … There's a lot of lives and livelihoods depending on us. Vigne said the loss severely limits the group’s ability to protect the rhinos. CONTACT US Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy 361A Old Finch Ave Toronto, Ontario M1B 5K7 416-392-9114 It does this through the protection and management of species, the initiation and support of community conservation and development programmes, and the education of neighbouring areas in the value of wildlife. The Luwire Wildlife Conservancy is privileged to protect nearly 300 km of this great river as it winds its way through the heart of the Niassa Reserve. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy offers good bird watching throughout the year, but Lewa's lodges are closed in April and November due to heavy rain. For AfricanMecca safari adventurers who desire game viewing in some of the most remote bush with a true sense of isolation, the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy is an authentic East African wildlife, cultural and scenic tour destination. The first and most important step to wildlife conservation is to secure wildlife habitats. Providing wildlife rangers with anti-poaching equipment and training prevents the killing of wildlife in protected areas, but to disrupt illegal wildlife trade we deploy trained Canine Detection Units along trafficking channels to intercept wildlife contraband. Australian Wildlife Conservancy is the largest private owner and manager of land for conservation in Australia, protecting endangered wildlife across more than 6.5 million hectares in iconic regions such as the Kimberley, Cape York, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre and the Top End. The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a 360 km 2 (140 sq mi) not-for-profit wildlife conservancy in Central Kenya's Laikipia County.Situated on the equator west of Nanyuki, between the foothills of the Aberdares and Mount Kenya. Meanwhile, in demand centers where ivory is carved while rhino horn and pangolin scales are wanted as traditional medicine, many consumers are unaware that the products are ineffective and in fact destroying Africa’s valuable ecosystems. The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is the leading NGO for wildlife conservation focused solely on Africa. AHC FOUNDATION. While it has more diverse income sources, the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya is certainly feeling the loss of tourism revenue. Its known for bongo breeding programme and protection of the rare white zebra. Double click the video for full screen. African Wildlife Foundation is rated 3 out of 4 stars by Charity Navigator.

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